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market your business with integrity and intention


Marketing your business is a necessity. There’s no way around it, especially in the digital age.


With the mass adoption of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we’re all on the move! Everywhere we go, we’re inundated with ads, social media posts, articles, clickbait, commercials — the list goes on and on.


This constant road block of noise gives marketing a bad name and puts a sour taste in the mouths of business owners looking to grow their business and reach their audience authentically. Why would someone want to market their business if their audience will just ignore it and the other forms of content they’re blasted with each day.

Mindful Marketing is the practice of promoting your business with

Marketing doesn’t have to be a gimmick, a scheme, or leave your audience feeling negatively about your business. Marketing should be about:


Using your authentic voice to create a connection with individual members of your audience.

Building a community of like-minded people inspired by the benefits and positivity provided by your brand.

Connecting organically with other businesses within your industry to create holistic solutions for your market.

Communicating your genuine passion to your audience and addressing their concerns.

mindful marketers know to:

Pursue their passions

Celebrate each day as a new opportunity

Enjoy the gifts and talents we’ve been given

Find beauty in everything

Look for the good in the world

Want only the very best for everyone

Do what’s best for their mind, soul, and body

Live their life to the absolute fullest

what is mindful marketing?

The Mindful Marketing Workshops presented by marketing and communications experts, Kathy Walsh and Meredith Astles, will help you promote your business in a way you can feel proud about.


Say goodbye to sleazy gimmicks and hello to prosperous, organic customer relationships.


Long gone are the days of discount after discount. Today we celebrate the customer, positivity, and all that comes with marketing your business holistically.


Every Mindful Marketing Workshop will teach you the marketing skills you need to know to help your business flourish. Have you ever asked yourself questions like "What social media sites should my business be on? How often do I post and what do I say? What is a hashtag and how do I use it? How and where should I spend my advertising dollars?" We will answer these questions and so much more including how to market with intention, develop your original voice, connect with your audience and grow your business organically. We will show you how to be authentic online and how to put your best self out there.


Customers don’t purchase a product with an intent to form a relationship with a brand. Customer relationship building has to happen organically. Marketing your business from a mindful place is the first step to creating these relationships and making them last a lifetime.


Market your business with positivity and intention in mind and watch the results pour in.



We met on a beautiful evening in downtown Burlington, Vermont, after Meredith’s good friend and Kathy’s daughter said, “You have to meet one another!”


We realized almost immediately we had something in common; we were both born with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, a complete and utter joy for life, and a keen sense for trend setting. We knew we were a match made in heaven, and nine months later KnockKnock Social was born.


We hit the ground running and we haven’t been able to stop since, and we are loving every minute of it.


In our spare time, which is rare, Kathy is writing mindful children’s books and a parenting guide, is a Huffington Post author, and received her Master’s from St. John’s College in Great Books. Kathy has always been ahead of the curve. She was the hottest buyer for all the B stores in New York – Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s and Bendel’s…until she switched to the A’s and went to ABC Carpet and Home.


Meredith was born and raised in the tech world, and is not afraid to learn the latest and greatest technology. She has a natural instinct for marketing, and has been cultivating her skills and love of design since her days at St. Michael’s College. Meredith’s keen eye and love for the arts has proved a successful combination. She is a visionary, who thoroughly enjoys writing and graphic design.


We’ve always been better together. We have magnetic personalities, with boundless positive energy, which have enabled us to realize many accomplishments for our clients.


We offer companies marketing and branding strategies that include ways of improving brand awareness, driving traffic to websites and engaging their tribes. Our desire to offer business owners the opportunity to share their story in a way that is effective, yet stylish, fun and lively, is our passion.


We love being active members in our local business communities  - some of the organizations we're members of include:


Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce

Concord Youth Professionals Network (CYPN)

Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce

Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce

Hopkinton, New Hampshire Rotary

Burlington Business Association

Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce

SCORE presentations on social media and mindful marketing


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